Video Production

Online Videos

Visit our Vimeo page for examples of short films, documentaries, and commercials created by UNC Asheville Mass Communcation students.

Video Lab Schedule for Karpen 317

Equipment checkout and return only when Richard or Daniel are working.

Video Lab Procedures

Only students currently enrolled in video production (VMP) courses can check out equipment. Below is a priority list for check-out:

  1. Current VMP students -- The names are listed in a folder on the main lab computer. When in doubt check. (Note: This should cover people on The Banner as they should be enrolled in a production course if they want to check out equipment. If they are not, and they want to shoot something for The Banner, they should go through our VMP concentration liaison.
  2. Lab workers -- You are technically enrolled in a VMP course, but should give students who have projects due for other classes first priority.
  3. Faculty -- Faculty must go through the same check out procedures as everyone else. Faculty members, if you are teaching a non-VMP class/or independent study in which your students will need to make use of lab time/equipment please notify the Mass Communication office.

In all cases, there must always be a paper trail that will lead to the equipment. Nothing should be mysteriously unaccounted for.